Unleash your creativity and turn your action sports footage in to a Sick Edit.

The cloud video editor powered by artificial intelligence for action sports film makers.


Point and click automated editing.

At the heart of Sick Edits is an automated editing system that lets you unleash your creativity while providing guidance, storyboards and algorithms that ensure your edit looks like it was made by a pro.

Visual recognition technology will help you select the best shots and create an edit using themes, templates, transitions, filters, titles and a soundtrack to produce the ultimate Sick Edit.

Find your sickest shots using Artificial Intelligence.

Using state of the art visual recognition technology we'll automatically summarise your videos and analyse the frames within your footage and tag the best action shots, faces and landmarks. Our system is specially trained to find action sports sequences and POV angles.

Once your shots and clips are organised the editor can recommend which shots will go well together and automatically create your edit.

No more shaky footage

Enhance the production quality of your edits using our automated shake reducing video stabilisation technology which is applied to every clip. Just tick a box and we'll stabilise your footage.

Optimise, download and share your edits.

Save hours of experimenting with different software and settings to optimise the quality and download speeds of your video and leave that to us.

We'll stabilise, process and optimise multiple versions of your edit for YouTube, Facebook, web, email, TV and download.

How It Works

1. Upload Footage

Upload footage from your GoPro, action cam, or smartphone ready for editing on any device.

2. A.I. Shot Detection

Your footage is analysed by our A.I. system and the best bits selected and tagged.

3. Select Theme

Select a style and storyboard for your edit and choose a soundtrack.


4. Choose Clips

Choose the clips selected by our A.I. engine that you want to combine in your edit.

5. Get Creative

Fine tune your edit and add effects, adjust speed and choose transitions.

6. Save & Share

Output your edit and download or share to YouTube, Facebook or Twitter

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